I am currently studying my MA Textile Design Innovation at Nottingham Trent University. I am using my specialism of knitting to explore how knitted textures can complement and contradict specific areas of the female structure


Bows and the corset type structure combined work well to balance and enhance the architecture of the female frame

Again exploring the contradiction of the female body. The bows have popped up again too.

I was thinking about Illusion and the dazzle ships during WWII whilst I was developing this idea. As well as research on corsets during the 19th century.

Eventually a selected few of ideas will be translated into knit.

Pleated bow. Definitely adds volume and structure to the body, and confuses the viewers eye

Experimenting with contradicting the female form

Quick experiment with pleating and Bustles

Quick experiment with pleating and Bustles

Experimenting with distracting the viewer from one area to another. Bows seem to make several appearances with my Three Dimensional visualisations.